All our meeting spaces are equipped with normal meeting equipment as screen, whiteboard and wifi.

Pricing depends mostly from served meals and others.

Take it lighter -meeting day from 39€ / prs

– morning coffee/tea with rye bread
– soup lunch
– afternoon coffee/tea with fruits

Coffee meeting from 15€ / prs

– coffee/tea with cake or bread

Breakfast meeting from 20€ / prs

– buffet breakfast

Alma Meeting Day from 49€ / prs

– breakfast buffet or coffee/tea with bread
– full lunch
– afternoon coffee/tea with sweet


Alma New Tower big meeting room.
Up to 80 prs.


Alma New Tower small meeting room.
8 prs.


Alma New Tower basement meeting room with sauna. 30 prs.


Pollari House meeting room.
~30 prs.


Pollari House meeting room.
~30 prs.

Upper cabinet

Main Building second floor idyllic meeting room.
14 prs.

Lower cabinet

Main Building first floor new meeting room.
14 prs.


Main Building second floor meeting room.
30 prs.


Main Building first floor meeting room next main hall.
40 prs.

Main Hall

Main Building first floor main dining room can be used as a meeting room.
100 prs.

Tower Suite

Alma Tower fifth floor suite.
12 prs.

Ukko-Pekka suite

Main Building first floor suite.
10 prs.

Risto suite

Main Building second floor suite.
10 prs.


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